Full external Def 130 with Tembo 4x4 Hardtop With internal B Hoop


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Model: Defender 130 Puma Double Cab High Capacity Pick Up 4-door (2007-2015)


Roll cage number L258. 8 point bolt-in internal / external bolt in roll cage with internal B Hoop. For High Capacity Pickup with Tembo rear hard top.

Full options:

  •   RBL258 7SSS - Full external/internal roll cage.

Padding options:

  •   RBL258PAD - Padding Kit for internal section of RBL25877SSS roll cage.
    Specially formulated polyurethane flame retardant padding kit of 55 Shore hardness. Kit covers all internal roll cage components above shoulder height.

Technical Specification:

  •   Finished roll cage provided with black powdercoat paint finish unless specified otherwise. Other colours available: grey, blue, silver, white and red. Roll cage can be provided unpainted by special request.

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