Tembo 4x4 hardtop Def 130 1x upward door/rubber hinge no windows / doors in sides

Tembo 4x4 hardtop 130 3x upward rear-side doors / no windows - rubber hinge rear

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The unique Tembo 4x4 aluminium hardtop is specialy designed  for the Land Rover Defender 130.

This hardtop is available in many different setups:

- standard upwards going door.
- double "barn" doors
- optional side doors
- optional windows
- optional inner lining

Our hardtop is used by law enforcement, crew transport, dog transport, army, technical service, fire and rescue brigades.
Strong enough to carry roofracks, roof top tents etc.

Please ask our sales team for the possibilties on info@Tembo4x4.com

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