Tembo 4x4 Roofrack 2.8m 110 Crew Cab DCPU

Tembo 4x4 Roof rack voor een Defender 110 DCPU 2,8 mtr no ladder

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ROOFRACK 110 Crew Cab 2,8, ladders not included!

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Why a Tembo 4x4 roofrack?
The Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack was the first product to be produced under the Tembo 4x4 brand several years ago, introducing our own label in off-road products. It is the base for almost every adventure. If you want to bring your camping gear, mount a rooftop tent or an extra spare wheel - you can’t do without one. The Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack is ready to conquer the world!
  • Our racks are 3D-CAD designed for maximum accuracy
  • The base is a strong welded frame that holds the beams on which you can mount your accessories.
  • Cast aluminium feet the Roof Rack mounts perfectly on your car and stays there even in the most demanding circumstances.
  • All fixings made of high grade stainless steel.
  • All aluminium and stainless-steel parts are manufactured in conformity with the international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004, OHSAS 18000:2007, AA, EN, DIN, BDS.
  • Hand-welded and a lot of attention to detail. Our experienced welders know their job and make sure each Roof Rack is a reliable partner for your off-road adventure.
  • Lightweight and tough enough for heaviest loads.
  • Flooring welded from front to rear to minimize wind noise.
  • Rubber gutter protectors to save your vehicle’s paintwork as well as for maximum traction on vehicle.
  • Low centre of gravity design for stable and safe offroading.
  • Made in Holland by Tembo 4x4 for innovative, better & constant quality and reliable delivery.
  • A full range of 4x4 accessories are available: 
    • Rooftop Tent
    • Jerry can
    • Spare wheel carrier
    • Spade
    • High-Lift jack
    • Etcetera
  • Bespoke solutions possible.
  • Natural or powder coated finish. Our powder coated racks are first sand blasted for best adhesion, then double powder coated for maximum durability as well as U V protection.
  • Detachable side rails for fitment of wide tents.
  • All flooring has integral bolt guides for easy fitment of accessories.
  • Closed front racks on request.

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